Friday, January 01, 2016

Why is healing Jewellery so popular now? and What is chakra jewellery?

Healing Jewellery why is it so popular now?

Chakra Gemstone Jewellery

For centuries people in the East have 'felt' the vibrations of rocks and stones and in recent years there has been an ever increasing movement towards alternative treatments in the West with methods such as Reiki healing, reflexology, and now Crystal healing becoming a regular alternative choice. 

The Chakras have been mentioned in yoga for centuries and the West is now taking this system more seriously. Each chakra is represented by colours as well as gemstones so it makes absolute sense for people to choose a gemstone which will help balance their Chakra and wearing it in jewellery makes it practical being something that can be near at all times or worn when one feels the need.

There are many thoughts about what imbalance crystal or gemstone is suitable for  but often it is better to use instinct in choosing. The views change from time to time but the colours of the Chakras remain constant so choosing a gemstone in the colour for the Chakra requiring balance is always a safe bet if you are not sure.

Chakra Healing is an alternative and not used to replace traditional medicines so please contact your medically qualified practitioner for advice.

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