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Peridot is the birthstone for August

With its gorgeous earthy green hue the peridot is a great choice for a gift at any time of the year but is especially suitable for those born in August. Peridot has been treasured for centuries as a special gemstone often used in amulets and adorning religious items.

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 peridot jewellery

 peridot jewellery
Peridot is combined with solid sterling silver wire wrapped into a flower shape to create an original one off piece.  £48.95
 peridot jewellery - handmade
This piece has an art deco feel to it - reminiscent of an abacus which has been the inspiration for many of the designs - it has a tactile quality - you just has to move the peridot gemstones along the wire.

 peridot earrings

Here are some drop earrings that would look great at an evening dinner or party.£38.95 
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Twisted wire with a chain of peridot makes this an unusual necklace £29.95 

 peridot unusual jewellery

Two peridot gemstones set at a jaunty angle within a circular framework. £44.95 

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