Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring themed jewellery

Spring is the season that motivates us to get up and do some exercise, clean the home and start afresh. Not due to start officially until 21st March Spring is seen by some to start in February.
Now that spring is nearly here and the sun is shining Semina Lewis of Silver Wire Designs has been inspired to add to her Springs collection of silver jewellery including pendants, bracelets and stylish cufflinks with more designs being added every few days there is always a wide choice of sterling silver jewellery to be found whether for gifts or just to treat yourself a bespoke service is also available on request. Visit the online gift shop

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mothers' Day Gifts with special meanings

It is always difficult to find an extra special and suitable gift when shopping generally. Mothers' Day gives the opportunity to demonstrate to mothers all over the world that they are special to their children in a way no other person can be.

Silver Wire Designs has a comprehensive collection of unique pieces of handmade jewellery all individually hand crafted so each piece really is unique. The pretty multi layered dichroic glass wrapped in sterling silver wire and complete with a sterling silver 925 stamped chain would perfectly represent the multi faceted love that a mother has for her child and vica versa with the silver wrapping the glass like the arms of a mother around her child. The glass comes in various rainbow colours and shapes including the ever so perfect heart shape.

A very special gift for mothers anywhere. With next day international dispatch.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Bridal Product

A brand new bridal product, exclusive to Silver Wire Designs, provides a perfect, stylish solution to a bride’s search for something blue to wear on her special day.
International award winning designer Semina Lewis has created the ‘Something Blue’ Bridal charm – a stylish, intricate combination of a silver heart and a silver bound blue gemstone feature- which promises to be the perfect, discreet symbol that every bride needs to complete her outfit. With a choice of light blue Topaz or dark blue Lapis Lazuli these small silver charms are discreet enough to complement any outfit and at only £15 an absolute must have item.
The charm, which can be clipped almost anywhere i.e. on the wedding dress, attached to the hair, veil or even secreted on the garter, can also provide the bride with a constant reminder of her special day, as it can easily be attached to a bracelet or necklace after the wedding.
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Handmade Silver 'Springs' Cufflinks

Handmade Sterling Silver Cufflinks -

Many more handmade jewellery designs at Silver Wire Designs are now available including the funky silver Springs Cufflinks